Introducing the Prompts Namespace

This file contains three classes, similar to the MessageBox, that give you prompts for Strings, Numbers, and Array Elements.

The StringBox is very similar to the InputBox in VB6. You give a question to the user and the user types in a response.

The NumericBox is a prompt that displays a trackbar. The user can move the trackbar to a value that he/she desires and the number is displayed in the accept button.

The ArrayBox is a prompt that displays a combobox. The user can select the array element from the combobox and the index of the selected element, or the element itself can be returned.

This namespace is available here.
It is currently available only for VB.NET

You can test it out with the ASL generator below.

        Dim Age As Integer, RBR, Language, S As String
        RBR = Prompts.StringBox.Show("What is your name?", "", "Name Prompt")
        Age = Prompts.NumericBox.Show(5, 100, "Hi, " & RBR & "!  What is your age?")
        S = DirectCast(Prompts.ArrayBox.Show(New String() {"Male", "Female", "Neuter", "Unknown"}, "Please select your gender.", True), String)
        Language = Prompts.StringBox.Show("What country are you from / what is your primary language?")
        MessageBox.Show("Ur ASL is " & Age.ToString() & "/" & S & "/" & Language, "ASL")