Did you know that you can control Excel with VB?
First you need to add a reference to Excel.
Go to Project -> References and then look for Microsoft Excel ??.0 object library and add this
Then go to your form and add

Dim XL As Excel.Application   'The application
Dim XLW As Excel.Workbook     'The workbook
Dim XLS As Excel.Worksheet    'The worksheet

'All of these are objects, so we can initialize each of them.

Set XL = New Excel.Application
'This should look familiar if you have set new objects before
Set XLW = XL.Workbooks.Open(App.Path & "\track.xls")
'This will open an existing spreadsheet... to open a new one, use the line below
Set XLW = XL.Workbooks.Add
'This line creates a new spreadsheet
MsgBox "Number of Worksheets: " & XLW.Worksheets.Count
'And this of course shows how many worksheets are in the XLW (which is a workbook)
Set XLS = XLW.Worksheets.Item(1)
'This will set XLS to the first worksheet in the XLW workbook

'And then from here, you can manipulate the worksheet all you want just like you do in Excel macros.
XL.Range(Cells(y, X), Cells(y, X)).Select

'Don't forget to close everything.
XLW.SaveAs App.Path & "\trick.xls"
XLW.Close False, App.Path & "\trick.xls"
Set XLS = Nothing
Set XLW = Nothing
Set XL = Nothing