Hopefully, this one will be very short.  I am just going to do some extra jumping.  These will be useful when we
add some other objects to the map (in the next episode).
One of which will be the low jump.  This jump should take the character to a maximum height of almost half of the
height he gets when the spacebar is pressed alone.

Alone?  Yes, I'm going to make the low jump controlled by Down + Space.
First, we need to make a constant for the Low Jump Initial velocity.

I would like to mention that I used -32 and 4 for the SBARINITIALVELOCITY and GRAVITY, respectively, to make the
jump shorter.

For the Low Jump, if you are using the -16 and 1 from the last page, then

		bool godown;
		// Indicates if the down arrow is pressed.

		const int thelowjumpvelocity = -20;
		// The initial velocity for the player's low jump.
For -32 and 4, I'd use -20. But, these values are up to you. You can make the character jump as high and as long as you want. (The formulae in the previous section should let you customize the jump) godown - Same as the goleft, goright, and gofast booleans, except for the down key. thelowjumpvelocity - The initial velocity for the low jump. Use in combination with the thegravity to customize the jump. The advantage to using constants. Now, onto the key events. First, we add the Down check to our big if-else-if hive.
			else if (e.KeyCode == Keys.Down) 
				godown = true;

			else if (e.KeyCode == Keys.Down) 
				godown = false;
Now, that that is done, we need to fix the jumping... which will be simple. The jumping is initiated in the KeyDown event as well, and all we need to do is check godown.
			else if (e.KeyCode == Keys.Space) 
				isjumping = true;
				// The jump is initialized.
				if (godown) 
					playerveloc = PFMain.thelowjumpvelocity;
					// Low jump made when down key is pressed.
					playerveloc = PFMain.thesbarinitialvelocity;
					// Use space bar initial velocity.
The only thing that depends on godown is the playerveloc, so that is the only thing in the if statement. Now, the player should make a lower jump when the user holds down Down while pressing the Space bar. Well, that's all for this episode. See you next time when I add platforms to the form.