[8-09-2003]_ Now, I've set up the little dark ballers to shoot at the player... I need to give them an accuracy cut, because they are quite difficult and deadly-accurate. (If you can see the white weapon, then that's the weapon heading directly for the camera, which is me).
[7-29-2003]_ I decided to scratch the whole door idea. Now, I've decided to do work on my menus and then my weapon system... then maybe I can get some enemies functioning.
[6-02-2003]_ I gave it another try today, but not much luck. Seems as though the vertex stream and the mesh aren't working too well together and all of the textures are messed up after the particular room. And no doors....
[6-01-2003]_ I tried 'setting up' doors in my game... first I try to test setting them up by themselves after a quick round of error checking. The result: Three-dimensional chaos... not only are two doors showing up while I only specified one to show, but the whole map is messed up unless I'm outside of the viewing area. Looks interesting, though. The terrain isn't even terrain-like. I even set the Jedi Jump mode and couldn't jump higher than the doors/terrain... sort of like a parallel universe.
I have set up the little dark balls so that they appear in groups and they all look at you wherever you are. I got a little stumped on how to create doors, but I have an idea. I also need to update the player menu stats.
After letting things settle a bit, I ran the program to find that things ran smoothly (well, relatively) and this similar shot taken shows that there are no floating objects or mysterious features.
After getting my editor to save and load old 3d map files, I get a mysterious feature laid out on the map and Unidentified Objects hovering in the horizon... sounds like a good beginning for a science-fiction game, but that's not going to be implemented here.