[6-2-2005]_ The updated version of the game is now available for download. Actually, I've just replaced the old file. Now, you have the option of playing the 20 training levels. To start the training levels, simply put in "TRAIN" as the passcode and the training levels will start. Once you complete level 20 (that's level 20 to the right in the picture), you go immediately into the game at level 1. (Level 1 has a password but you really don't need it.) Also, more controls. 'F' forfeits the game, ending the program, and 'Backspace' restarts the level so that you don't have to close and then reopen the program. Also, if you want solutions, e-mail me. Please don't put it in the guestbook. I figure that that is a better alternative. Hey, there's level 17's password right over there, too.
[5-22-2005]_ The game is available for download. The controls are hopefully very simple: arrow keys to move the active block, 'A' to switch and make the next block active, 'G' to pick up and get an item that is laying on the ground, 'D' to drop an item, 'PageUp' to move to double-size view, and 'PageDown' to return to regular view. There's also an editor, but you'll have to figure that part out yourself, along with the purpose of all of the various objects within Blocks. I'd also give level solutions on the guestbook through e-mail, but that takes away all of the fun if you have to get the solution . (especially Level 93) Anyway, have fun.
[5-7-2005]_ I am remaking this game in .NET and I've just finished creating all of the levels. Now all I need to do is bind them all together in the game so that you go to the next level when you finish a certain level. I've retouched some of the graphics so that things look nicer and more descript. The picture over to the right is level 91, the same one that's in the picture below, but this one is the new one and the one underneath is the old one. And, after relooking over my files, 93 is the big braintester, while 95 is relatively easy.
[5-26-2003]_ This game was the first game that I ever finished with 100 levels!  Although... 102 separate forms leaves it as nothing to be desired, as far as the computer memory was concerned. And some of these levels are quite difficult (just look at that over there to the right... confusing, eh?), especially the 95th one, which is possibly the biggest brainteaser that I've ever created.