Dragging and dropping a control.

'How do you drag and drop a control on a form?
'Set its DragMode to 1 - Automatic.  That takes care of the drag part.
'Now for the drop part.  You need to access the Form's DragDrop procedure and add something this:
Private Sub Form_DragDrop(Source As Control, X As Single, Y As Single)
    Source.Move X, Y
End Sub
    Source.Move X - Source.Width / 2, Y - Source.Height / 2
'Centers the object over the cursor.
    Source.Move Source.Left + X, Source.Top + Y
'Allows the object to be dropped even while the cursor is on the object.  You must add this to the object's DragDrop procedure.
    Source.Move Source.Left + X - Source.Width / 2, Source.Top + Y - Source.Height / 2
'Centers the object over the cursor even on itself.  Also, in the object's dragdrop procedure.