Where do the pictures go to when they are added to the form?

An interesting question. They obviously have to go into one of the solution files. Chances are that they go into either the form's .vb file or the form's .resx file. Since the .vb file is a text file, it would seem more logical for the picture to go into the mysterious .resx file. Let's prove it (heh he heh). So, first we'll take this big old picture file: (And note, the picture file I am referring to is the picture file shown in the screenshot, not the actual screenshot itself) And we'll stick it into this form, which consists of these two files: And our final result? Well, after about a minute's worth of waiting, Visual Studio finally managed to cram that 3 MB file into one of our files? Which one? The resx file, of course. Look how large it is. That's likely because Visual Studio has to create keys for this image. The key itself seems to be almost 2 MB. There is likely something else going on here, but the original guess of the picture being in the .resx file was correct.