This is a list of all of my projects....
Quadrill 5 VB6
Wow, there's another Quadrill that Iceplug is working on.
Platform Tour VB.NET
Platform Tour: a large game that I am determined to finish - apparently five years in the making.
Bomberman Six C#.NET
A clone of Bomberman but I will tweak and modify it to be different - notably its a hexagon grid now.
JumpCross VB.NET
A simple strategy game that I have made in .NET and comparable to Go and Cool Spot.
Power II: The Island VB.NET
Maybe the fourth time's the charm.
If at first you don't succeed, try two more times.
Quadrill 4 VB6
A fourth to the Quadrill family.
3-Dimensional Game VB6
My first three-dimensional project...
Quadrill 3 VB6
The third installment in the Quadrill family.
Power II VB6
The sequel to Power I, although, this one is totally different, especially its implementation.
Platform Game with Mog VB6
The sequel to the first Platform Game that ran in a regular window... this one runs in DirectX fullscreen
Quadrill 2 VB6
The sequel to the original Quadrill with new features!
Colorize VB6
An arcade-style game where you change colors to match other like colors.
Quadrill VB6
The goal is to get the twelve flags and get to the end while running against time.
Power I VB6
Fight against the oppressive colony and its leaders in this RPG.
Plat[a]form Game VB6
Collect the coins and get to the exit in this platform style game.
Blocks VB6 VB.NET
Navigate all blocks to the exit in this puzzle game.