[5-02-2015]_ Quadrill 2.1.2 features two bugfixes: one that caused errors when changing music volume on startup (for some systems) and the other which caused errors when collecting SFlags during a Test Run. The updated version can be downloaded from the main page (or here).
[5-03-2013]_ Quadrill 2.1.1 (the update) is now ready. The most recent version can be downloaded from the main page or from this link. Most significant update is the inclusion of music. There were also a couple of small changes to alert lighting and I added a 2 into the title screen (I just realized that I never put it there in the first place).
[5-03-2013]_ Quadrill 2.1 is ready for download. Quadrill 2 is quite similar to Quadrill 1 with a few changes such as the less-linear overworld of Initializa Desert, Jump Boots, fog, rain, and warning areas. The remake has replaced the flashing red light of the alert areas with a series of spotlights (as indicated by the picture to the right). Also, the original Quadrill 2 was a download on Extreme Visual Basic Forum. It's probably not there anymore, so this should serve as a replacement version of Quadrill 2 that also works in Windows 7 (and Vista, I guess, if you still use that version).
[5-03-2013]_ All maps for Quadrill 2 have now been ported over for the remake. Skilifts are still giving me trouble as well as terrain height generation. At any rate, I've uploaded a picture of Evion City to the right (now in a glorious flickering sky blue hue).
[4-30-2013]_ I'm almost halfway complete with the remake of Quadrill 2 for .NET and DirectX 9. There's also a few bugs that I'm working out, mostly due to buttons and skilifts, ironically. If you played through Quadrill 2, you remember that some of the skilifts were quite crazy! On the right is a picture of the wonderful ghost town of Rolköce (well, it's Rolkce until I fix the text bug that doesn't show any character higher than 127).
[5-26-2003]_Quadrill 2 was completed on January 11th and is doing pretty nicely. I haven't heard any bad things from it, yet.