[5-2-2015]_ Quadrill 3.1 features three bugfixes: one that caused errors when changing music volume upon startup, the second caused errors when saving or collecting an SFlag during a Test Run, and the third caused errors when leaving the first screen due to an improper skilift (what a weird error). The new version is available on the main page (or here).
[10-22-2013]_ Quadrill 3 .NET version is available for download on the main page at Quadrill v3.1 (VB.NET 2003). Changes include: well, it runs on Windows 7 and Vista, it is drawn in 2D rather than 3D like the previous Quadrill's versions in .NET (which ran, in tests with FPS limit disabled, at 680 FPS), it has music and sound effects, less-discrete movement (whatever you want to call it) now makes movement faster and puzzles are slightly different than they were in .NET, and there are more checkpoints to counter the difficult nature of some of the regions of the original Quadrill 3.
[10-16-2013]_ I ran into some unfortunate issues with converting Quadrill 3 to .NET. The first snag that I got caught on... um, I sort of forgot how to get through certain areas, so I actually had to relearn how to do them. I converted some of the enemy AI incorrectly and made one of the areas in Contraband Farms impossible. Also, Contraband Farms is REALLY hard. Reflecting back on it now, it's really hard. I'm going to add checkpoints to Quadrill 3, so that Contraband Farms and areas similar to it aren't so difficult. The second snag is that the 'beautiful conveyor puzzles' of the Contraband Farms and Nickel Desert Island Towers operate quite differently. In the original, the player could simply step on a conveyor and get whisked away to whatever the endpoint happened to be. This time, the player has to make an effort to switch to a different track at certain turnpoints. As you can see, in the picture, I can press up to get to the button. This wasn't possible in the original, because the conveyor and the ice were on separate cycles which both occurred before player input. The tradeoff is that the right-turn tile will now spin freely and can cause my character to take a left-turn when the right-turn block is surrounded by conveyors like this. It's all fairly confusing. I need to change quite a few signs in the game so that they make sense (well, at least as much sense as they did in the original). Third snag: I forgot how to get all of the seasonal flags except for the Winter Flag. I had to sit down and think for 10-15 minutes at night to remember how to get them. Sure, I could have explored to get them, but I didn't want to do that. Sure, I could have just opened the map files and figured out where they were, but I didn't want to do that. Right now, remembering how to get through the original Quadrill 3 while remaking it with a different control scheme is a feeling like no other. It's like I'm remembering what it was like to sit at home and create maps for Quadrill 3 on my really old computer ten years ago. Fourth, obviously, is the ugly green on the screen to the right is going to be either a way to see the map that lies underneath.
[10-8-2013]_ Converting Quadrill 3 to .NET. I was going with the 3D look, but I decided against it because initial conversion of Quadrill 3 tanked in the FPS department at about 12. I tried to optimize the drawing, but I only got to 50 FPS and caused some parts of the viewing area to disappear. So, I decided to revert to 2D for that reason in combination with the 3D look not being excessively helpful for the meticulousness of navigating in Quadrill 3 fire areas. I need to finish porting over some of the old graphics into the new version. As you can see in the picture, the white squares are where the fire is supposed to be. After fooling around with Coineque di Pyreth Swamp holes on the second floor leading to the abyss instead of the swamp floor, supporting the receding waters on the beaches of Lake Hexadiemme, and smartening up the enemy darksiders to shoot, the white fires of the swamp are merely telling me that fire is "not authorized", even though I intentionally set them. In all honesty, I just need to finish the bitmaps, the enemy AI, and get the maps to lead to the right area to get Quadrill 3 up and running.
[7-31-2004]_ Quadrill 3 Player Guide. Remember that thing? Look what never happened!
[5-19-2004]_ Download Quadrill 3 at the main page 517 KB, requires DirectX 7 and Visual Basic to be installed. To quit, press Q, or Alt+F4.
[5-30-2003]_ I finished Quadrill 3 on May 30, 2003 after finally testing it and making a few small changes in various spots in the game. I even added scrolling credits for the end of the program. Now, time for a quick and active brainstorm of ideas for Quadrill 4.
[5-28-2003]_ I am so happy... I tested my compression algorithm and it compressed the Save files from 1131 KB down to 2 KB (as opposed to 0 KB). Also, the control thing *seems* to work, although I haven't tested it and I only rearranged a couple of things. I set the loop so that the music will loop after you walk through the warpstone (took long enough). Next on the agenda... I don't know... Quadrill 3 is almost finished . I only need to add data for the event in the Amazing Cavern, and after that, then it'll be time for the big beta test, which I don't think I need to do, but I'll do it anyway. And also, I need to simplify Contraband Farms... specifically the westernmost area.
[5-28-2003]_ Tested the Amazing Cavern and the area outside of the SFlag Shrine... *snicker* it is kind of hard, but easy. It looks like I put too many points in the Cavern... 2400 worth, since I started with just 8600 and ended up with 11000. So, now I am going to work on the control system (which I have punched out a few times) and the save feature to avoid those meg files.
[5-27-2003]_ Tested the Town, Farms, and the Island Towers.... I had to "test" the Contraband Farms 4 times because I kept getting killed by those fighters!!! The points worked out well in the Farms... only 100 points left to add! 400 in the town need to be added, and 500 (I think) in the Island Towers.... I took a few steps into the Amazing Cavern and got killed walking onto (what else) a hole. Some serious gameplay remaking needs to be done soon.
[5-27-2003]_ Peaks and Grassland got tested, and Town was tested only a little, because I got ran over by cars at three different roadways. I forgot to look both ways when walking down the street. :p I seem to be missing quite a few points in those levels... there are only 500, which leaves 500 missing and left to add.
[5-27-2003]_ Just tested the Lake and the Swamp, and I realize that I've made a little mishap in the map in the swamp that lets you go right to the end. I need to add 200 more points to the Lake and 300 to the swamp also....
[5-26-2003]_ The testing is running along nicely... although, I slap myself because I've actually tested these first four levels before releasing the demo. The real testing comes later... the final eight levels of Quadrill 3 .
[5-26-2003]_ Now, it's time to check the save feature and to run through the game. Things are going all right... except until I notice the save file is 1132 KB. That may be able to slide for now, but I don't want to have MegaByte save files in the Quadrill 4 (which is not in 3D). So, now it's time to come up with some encryption/compression. *shudder*
[5-25-2003]_ Phew... I've finished all of the levels and ran through the Amazing Cavern (12th Level)... even the area outside the SFlag shrine is hard (traditionally so, except for in Quadrill). Of course, a couple of errors popped up during the way. Next step: Retest the levels.