Miscellaneous quotes
A great reenactment of Teric programming space shoot em up video games while at work courtesy of hotrodx.
Scene: Teric's office. Teric is busy adding new features to his new game, Sectors. Every now and then he looks at his left-- then at his right-- to check if someone's looking.
However... he was caught by surprise when the IT Gestapo arrived to make a random inspection...
Gestapo: Move over, employee. Let me see your workstation.
Teric: Y-yes, sir.
Gestapo: (Looking over the directories, making file searches) Hmm... okay no MP3s saved. None of those vulgar *.mpg videos. No pinball... good... no minesweeper or that blasted solitaire... very good...
Teric: Uh-huh...
Gestapo: Did you hear about the guy I fired last week because he had a Britney Spears screensaver in it?
Teric: Uh-huh...
Gestapo: Look. No DirectX installed. You can't play any games without it. Har-har.
Teric: (Whispers to himself) If you only knew...
Gestapo: You were saying sumthin', son?
Teric: No, no, no. Nothing, sir.
Gestapo: Now let me check at your VB files.
Teric: Gulp!
Gestapo: (Looking at the Visual Basic program directories, but not running them). Inventory... ... Employees... hmmm, what's this... Sectors?
Teric: *I'm in trouble*
Gestapo: Sectors, sectors, sectors, hmm... AHA!... you're making a HARD DRIVE UTILITY. Nice work, employee. Now that's initiative! Keep up the good work! Give me a copy when you're finished, okay?
Teric: (Relieved) Wooh. Okay, sir.
Gestapo: (As leaving) Okay, employee, don't let me catch with ships flying on your screen!
[Oct 12, 2009 - 19:31]

Iceplug:All great threats come with FAQs.
Iceplug:A sign of true fearlessness is when you look for a threat.
Iceplug:Rats! Threatened the wrong place!
Iceplug:Link him up with a good threat, pls.
Iceplug:Using Multithreading to manage your threats.
Iceplug:Thanks for the threat!
[Mar 1, 2009 - 17:38]

Wibs:(Time: 01-11-2009, 02:22 PM)Hi, I am writing a windows gui front-end for a game that uses 6 open cmd console windows. [...] I have not worked with cmd windows before, can anyone give me a few pointers on how to go about this task?
Wibs:(Time: 02-06-2009, 08:17 AM)Bumped.
Wow, 3 months and no reply. Is this simply not possible? [...]
[Feb 11, 2009 - 18:57]
Maybe it just *seems* like 3 months?

ExVBF09:any1 cld pls help with vba excel?
Iceplug:hang on while I open Excel [*ignition sounds* ...] OK
Iceplug:you should look at the Combobox.Text
MikeJ:POS[?] (Parent over shoulder) not (piece of ****)
MikeJ:although sometimes they act that way... :-\
Iceplug:That's PLOS, not POS ;)
ExVBF09:mom = moment pls
[Dec 9, 2007 - 9:53]

LivingTheDream:hungarian notation - yes or no guys?
Pookie:LivingTheDream, up to you
MikeJ:im hungry
Kaluriel:eat Turkey if your hungry LivingTheDream
LivingTheDream:? I'm always hungary, but I never mentioned it really...
[Dec 9, 2007 - 9:53]

1st Class:For example, his head is denser than yours! His head is more dense because ... it's filled with rocks! Your head is less dense than his, because your head is filled with...
3rd Class:... brains?
1st Class:Air.
3rd Class:*frown*
[Aug 6, 2007 - 21:01]

shar:The program is not just to do the batch file functions. It has many functionalities and executing batch files s one of them. As I mentioned earlier, many of these batch files execute single line command line commands. I want to reduce invoking these simple batch files by incorporating those command line commands in the vb program. Ultimately, the commands are executed on command line. Instead of executing the commands thru batch files, I want to execute them thru vb program. Of course, it is possible to eliminate execution thru command line itself. But, I need to stick to command line because of various other dependencies. *chuckles* Hope I have made my points clear! *grin*
reboot:Use Shell()
shar:Right now I am using Shell() to execute batch files. *chuckles* As mentioned earlier, I want to eliminate simple batch files. I can do this if I can run those command line commands thru vb, which is currently run by batch files. *wink*
reboot:Use Shell()
shar:As mentioned earlier, I am using Shell() to execute batch files. But, instead of executing batch files, I want to execute those command line commands directly thru vb. Is it possible to execute command line commands using Shell()? *confused* reboot: VB can do natively anything your DOS commands can do. HOWEVER, if you just insist on calling DOS commands, use Shell() to do so. I really don't know how much plainer I can make the answer. [Oct 23, 2006 - 18:31]

ayoung:I just have a few questions to be answered.
[...] 3.) How would I go about the view? Direct3d with 8.1 or a cheep picutre boxes?
4.) Pertaining to both on "3" how would I make a map so that it would show 20 blocks around you (just an example) but if you moved it would move the current "view" (Lets say the map was 800 blocks or what ever unit of measurement it may be)
5.) I have many more questions to be answered as this journey go ons.
6.) Where should I start?
7.) How hard is Direct X, would it be worth learning If I only want to put about 100 hours (give or take some hours) into the game?
8.) Thank you for any help!!
[...] 3) You can use either bitblt (recommended) or DX7/DX8 to do it
4) Seach for the tile scroll tutorial from billsoo on how to do this
5) That's not a question
6) By opening VB
7) If you are only going to spend that much time on the game, just learn bitblt, far more easier.
8) Np, send lots of money to PookPal: 1242-4578-6421
[Mar 16, 2006 - 19:31]

Michaelas10:Never happened befaure.. I'm making a program called Error Maker Plus and I have a script to screenshot the error. The script always worked in Beta 1 and Beta 2 of Visual Basic 2005. But for some reason, when I try to run this script in the final version of Visual Basic 2005, there's in error in two lines(hWindowDC = GetWindowDC(hWnd) and ReleaseDC(hWnd, hWindowDC)) and gives me the following error: [Error in PInvoke signature to GetWindowDC ... ] Please help, the intire project is stuck.
OnErr0r:Post your declare statements. Michaelas10:I'll post the intire script: [code]
OnErr0r:You posted your entire code, but [with] no declares. *shrug*
[Mar 5, 2006 - 8:18]

eliasonlana:Hi, im a programmer and im a girl, i was just wondering how many female programmers are out there coz all my 'programming' mates are guys and almost every other programmer ive tlked to r guys, so i was wondering is there anyone else out there like myself?
harzem:lebb, our dear admin is female, nice? If you were here for more than a few days, you should have seen herilane, a SuperModerator. You see? The bosses are ladies
reboot:Women are the Bosses in most things, but we men will never admit it. *wink*
by_m:Traitor...if only I could say it were a lie... *big grin*
Baaklar:Every post Lebb has made that I've ever seen is signed "Laura".
Deadalus:So, someone feels odd and you all think that comparing her to Laura will remedy that? *rolls eyes*
tomc2506:Whatever keeps you off the roads *smile*
[Dec 15, 2005 - 17:41]

pdm76:Is there a good tutorial on a pizza program out there. I'm really having problems with this project and need as much help as I can. Thanks
reboot:I rather doubt there are pizza program tutorials, but you could certainly try Google.
rcorrea:Lol, this made me giggle I have to admit. I actually googled it for him, didn't come with anything! darn!
[Dec 14, 2005 - 17:08]
I'm clearly in the wrong field of study; pizza program tutorials are where the business is!

OMID SOFT:What's the name of this control ?
MikeJ:A ListView.
OMID SOFT:Go to Outlook Express, I have doubt that it's a list view. This control is more advanced.
reboot:It's a listview.
OMID SOFT:Thanks all, but what's the upper side of control which contains To and Subject fields?
MikeJ:It's a ColumnHeader.
OMID SOFT:And in which control is that available?
wakjah:The ListView control.
tomc2506:rofl *big grin*
[Sep 26, 2005 - 17:21]

Talking to himself?
gone:i'm writing, well, its done except this last part, a popup blocker that will let the user completly customize everything that gets closed, anyways, i'm having trouble forcing the target window closed. i've tried [DestroyWindow] but it doesn't want to work, does anyone know another way?
gone: hrmm [...] i've tried a few other random things, i can't get it, anyone at all have any ideas?
gone: agh [...] i even tried API sendmessage to close it and can't get anything.
gone: and the code you posted has errors anyways lol, but thank you for the effort
[Sep 18, 2005 - 15:31]

hashir56: Poll: "Which do you like better...Coca Cola, Pepsi, or Dr. Pepper?"
VolteFace: Pffft..... IMHO (flame-war insurance), COKE!!!! w00t!! Pepsi tastes.... wierd...
orufet: I grew up in Atlanta, GA, where Coke is based. I've been to the Coke museum...(3?) times. The first coke was sold at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta. One of my best friend's parents works at Coke.... Tough choice.... COKE!
dragnut: Diet Pepsi all the way regular pepsi and coke are too sweet
Banjo: That's odd, because I always found Diet Pepsi alot more sugary than Diet Coke. Diet Coke is my favourite.
HedleyKow: They're pretty close. I rarely drink either pepsi or coke(or any pop at all for that matter) anyway.
hashir56: (diet pepsi goes under pepsi, and diet coke under coca cola)
Garrett Sever: I don't know about the rest of you, but I vote dcl3500. he's definately more tasty than ChiefRedBull. LOL!!! :-D
VolteFace: I'm thinking maybe this was just the webmaster testing out the poll editing function, this being the nearest poll? I dunno. It couldn't have been either of them, as we experts don't get any special post-editing privileges.
Thinker: Darn, I missed seeing it. I am still laughing though.
Thinker: Oh there it is, didn't look above the first post. That is really great! Maybe I should vote for chief just so he won't be aware of his tastelessness.
Thinker: Hey, I can even edit the poll. Now you all can ignore VolteFace as the most tasteless
Squirm: Er...... what was this poll about again?
VolteFace: Although I think it's a good thing that people don't like the way I taste...
[Jul 25, 2005 -- 16:19]

davearia: I have an application that queries a table to return the name of user controls that I have in my application. I want to use this to create the controls dynamically at runtime. [...] How do I create this control in my code using the results returned from the query?
marble_eater: I haven't tried this, but can it be done using reflection? [example]
APaule: Sorry marble eater, I think this won't work either (in fact I tried it, because I wanted to know). *wink* I know another way (which doesn't work in this case either *big smile* ) where you don't even have to import the Reflection namespace.
[May 22, 2005 -- 17:14]

wyrd: I'm curious as to what the folks on these forums actually do for a living. I've been randomly coming to these forums since they were put up and still have no clue as to what the regulars do in real life. *smile*
Orbity: I am a full time computer science student as well as working 40 hours a week. My job couldn't be any further away from programming and it isn't really anything worth mentioning. *makes a sad face*
jfackler: I'm an obstetrician/gynecologist, in practice for 17 years. I'm not sure but I bet that beats Orbitys job in terms of far removed from the programming world. I've got an AS400 in my basement that I retired from my billing department last year. It is still a source of amusement for me now.
Thinker: What kind of amusement can you get from an AS400? Don't you know those things cause cancer - you should get rid of it. *winks*
[Apr 30, 2005 -- 9:43]

Maelstrom: [What is Foo?] I did some research *cough*GOOGLE*cough* and found not how it started, but that it is just used as a way to represent an unnamed variable in programming or such things like that.
lebb: [...] mostly only old people like reboot remember the origins of some of those terms (and the origins of computers in general, electricity, and the like ). *ducks*
00100b: Foo (and Foobar) have their origins in an acronym heavily used in the military to represent the phrase: F'ed Up Beyond All Repair. Another acronym heavily used in the military, that I have not yet seen adopted by programmers is BOHICA (pronounced: Bo-Hee-Ka) which represents the phrase: Bend Over Here It Comes Again
herilane: Some experts claim foo actually predates the military acronym. *smile* *link*
noi_max: Is this April foo's day or something? It's what Mr T calls people he feels sorry for... as in "I pity the poor foo!"
ElderKnight: Then there was Dr. Foo Manchu, a real tough customer.
EpcH: Somebody called somebody "an old person" :-)
Gruff: Geez. I was all the way on other side of the forum but I could smell the Puns from there. Excuse me I still hab a head code. "Ahhhh foo!"
[Apr 10, 2005 -- 10:10]

VB_ACK: Great work orufet. Though not the fastest version of pong it's still entertaining. The way the objects move is hurting my eyes...
Banjo: Speed isn't the point here is it. The point is to illustrate game programming techniques.
VB_ACK: I was producing constructive critism. The programming concepts were illustrated well, how ever the game is slow and hurts my eyes. There is no disputing my opinion.
Derek Stone: The fact that its an opinion means that we can dispute it all we want.
Pookie:I can understand a game running extremely quick hurting one's eyes but how does a game running slow hurt one's eyes???? *confusion*
ChiefRedBull: [Maybe] VB_ACK needs new glasses, or a better monitor. Mine is old and is flickering, which hurts my eyes.
VB_ACK: Hey you can disparage my glasses. But do NOT disparage my computer hardware!!!
reboot: I say we give VB_ACK his 'badge' back *hehe*
VB_ACK: That badge thing will never be forgotten.
Aspen2K: How could we, it smelled to bad *heh*
[Feb 15, 2005 -- 15:33]

Tina: Here is a list of our top ten posters! [Tina is clearly the top poster, with double the second top poster's count]
bbkitten: I don't think anyone will ever catch Tina. But we can try! *wink*
RZRSHRP: I'll try.
RZRSHRP: I'll try.
RZRSHRP: I'll try.
RZRSHRP: I'll try.
RZRSHRP: I'll try.
RZRSHRP: I'll try.
RZRSHRP: I'll try.
RZRSHRP: I'll try.
RZRSHRP: I'll try.
RZRSHRP: How's that? Did i get there yet? *smile*
[Feb 15, 2005 -- 12:46]

HardCode: What does the yellow light mean? Everyone is way off. Here's a hint ... 80's TV.
KermitDFrog: OH! It was on Taxi, some priest or something asked what yellow light means, the driver said slow down, then he like, spelt it out for him.
HardCode: LOL not a priest .... Reverend Jim! (Christopher Lloyd). He was taking his hack license written test, and the gang went down to the DMV with him. They were helping him cheat on the test: "What does the yellow light mean?" "Slow down..." "Whaaat dooes the yeelloww light mean?" "Slow down..." "Whaaaaaat doooooes the yeeeelllloooooww light mean?" Definitely one of the funniest moments on TV.
DJ_Klepc: So what's the answer'???
00100b: *chuckles* HardCode, you may have to slow down even further. *smile*
[Jan 27, 2005 -- 16:22]

Look at the thread title

(One sentence)
masterigor: yo i had this thought for a while now and it is like if your making a game such as Mario or Donkey Kong and your making levels would you make it so that when the Mario dude hits the right of the form a new form loads and you are at the left of the forum or would you do something else because you would need alot of forums?
reboot: yo i had this thought for a while now and it is like if i cud understand anything you said i mite cud answer ur question. yo.
[Dec 23, 2004 -- 9:53]

Anonymous1: "A rose by any other name..."
Anonymous2: ... will still stab yo ***
[Dec 18, 2004 -- 19:46]

sscheinfe:I recently ventured into the world of VB.NET, using Visual Studio. Sure, there are a few cute little perks....the (limited)customizability, the shortcuts, convenient this-and-thats... But all that cannot attone for the absolute chaos that Misro$oft has made the IDE into!! Is there no "VB.NET lite"? I don't have a year to learn how to use this thing, (Let alone learn all the new VB lingo) !! I mean, I take one lok at the screen and go into epileptic siezures, the thing has about 400 windows, menus, colors, etc. What happened to K.I.S.S. (not the band) ? While I go take my Valium, anybody else out there share my "frustration"?
Toveling:I like the IDE very much, i only dont like that it uses 100mb ram/100mb vm (im using the 2005 express beta, dont know if that effects its footprint). I'd take the styles and layout over VB any day.
Himo: *gasp* process: devenv.exe on localhost Mem Usage: 20,836K
reboot:Silly, silly, silly. I absolutely love the .Net IDE.
MikeJ:Hmm. I can't believe reboot didn't take the opportunity to say this... Everyone's entitled to their opinion, even if it's just plain wrong. *wink*
[Nov 30, 2004 -- 7:45]

Kaluriel's thoughts on a person being "assissinated": He was helped to death lol.
Squirm: we have a forum user [...] who once titled a thread : "Im not the sharpest tool in the shed"
dcl3500 asks: Hey can I plug a workstation into a hot tub?

Magic: what would you say to a 911 operator if you called because of a flood?
Squirm: Magic - "Theres a flood, help!" ... (duh?)
Bucky: "How high is the water? Well we're having trouble finding Fluffy"
Aspen2K: Gurgle gurgle, gurgle gurgle gurgle !
[Oct 20, 2004 -- 10:01]

This was a post that I found at XVBT. This is why I want to encourage others to always use good grammar.
HeLP_Me_PLz:I have used vb6 for a lil while, but i have jus downloaded visual basic 2005 express. I began to write a small application, with no problems. But i have come across 2 fings, that i really need help wif. (1) There does not seem to b a function within 2005 express to create an .exe file. So i can't distribute my soon to b award winning ;] software. also i am gettin the following error message. This message did not appear during early testin stages of my software. It first appeared as i saved my work overnight, and came back in the morning. The program appears to work, but any changes that i make to the code, changes & remains saved, but when i click the run button, they haven't changed ???? i puzzled..... plz help, i kno its prolly a ******* error, but its really frustrating. Here's the error message.... Error 1 "Sources" refers to 2 item(s), and "OutputResources" refers to 1 item(s). They must have the same number of items. P.s - if there is any prO cOder here that has a lil time to help a n00bie then plz get in contact, i would like to send u ma code & u tell me the proper method of coding such an application. i kno ma n00b code sucks =] [Oct 18, 2004 -- 20:22]

ahaq:I gotta say... i LOVE this forum... You guys helped me out with my last program and i finished it sooo fast that my manager gave me a bonus that allowed me to buy my new 2004 Toyota Celica 4 months early.. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
Mike_R:Nice Abrar! That's really good news! (And so when do we get to test drive..? )
italkid:I want a tip *smile*
rick_deacha:I want a trip!!! [Jul 30, 2004 -- 9:34]

Banjo:On the original topic, one thing you often see a novice say is "surely there's a function to do X". They often can't seem to accept that there's no easy way to do something.
KermitDFrog:[W]ith respects to the "there must be a function to do X" quote, I found that the best way (at least for me) to learn things, is just to build my own version[.]
Banjo:You misunderstood me. I was referring to complex tasks like sending email, contacting chat servers and remote controlling other applications.
Prophet:The brain is just like a muscle, you do not go to gym and lift the weights you know you can lift and expect to gain strength. Why should you program any differently?
Banjo:There is a flaw with that analogy. When you go to the gym you don't expect to do 100kg on your pecs and have someone else lifting 70Kg of that.
Agent707:WHAT?????? You mean you guys didn't read the SAM'S Publishing book on How to Program an MMORPG in 21 Days with VB6?????
noi_max:However I, like many other newbies, have been seduced by concept, and then wounded by reality. But I'm not dead yet!
[Jun 25, 2004 -- 19:07]

Dave124:Can someone please tell me how i remove everything from the existing section when you load up a project in visual basic.
HardCode:[Registry address] Delete everything except do NOT delete the (Default) key
reboot:And if you do that and screw your VB all up, call HardCode at home, do NOT complain here. *smile*
[Jun 12, 2004 -- 20:04]

mark7667:Why don't you post what icons you are keeping in your desktop?
henszey:Why list whats on my desktop when i can show you! [a picture]
Iceplug:Nice desktop. It almost looks rather distracting with all of the bright colors. *smile*
lebb:Now that has to be the understatement of the day... :P
Bucky:C'mon, give henszey a break. At least he as descriptive file names such as thefile.zip, Project1.exe, and things.jpg.
lebb:And don't forget the ever-useful "Shortcut to Desktop" on his desktop.Shortcut to Desktop *big smile*
Banjo: *big smile*
henszey:[Bucky,] I know exactly what each of those are! I think.... [lebb,] FYI: That is a shortcut to a desktop on another computer.
Agent:I keep my desktop like I keep my desk, room, and closet.
Chris00:Me too, I clean my room one a *cough*, and I keep my computer always around 90% full
Angela:How can I make my desktop clear with no icons? Can you help me to do that?
Pookie:You selected them all, and press delete... *smile*
Angela:Then how can I bring them back again? Is there any single step like that???
Pookie:You then to go the recycling bin and select all the files and click restore.
Robert Neilson:Here's mine: lol don't ask what anything is - I don't know myself [a picture]
[Jan 8th, 2004 -- 22:15]

tinytim:this is my project for my teacher's class - download
tinytim:umm... here it is download
Iceplug:Let me guess: your teacher doesn't exist and therefore your class project doesn't exist.
[Nov 6th, 2003 -- 16:27]

decri52940:This has worked before so I don't understand why not now. I have a for each... next loop going through the items in outlook mail folder - then moving them to new folders - it's the weirdest thing - the loop stops always at half of the messages! What is going on?
passel:Can you guess what I'm thinking, 'cause I can't guess what you're doing.
OnErr0r:hrm.. you're wondering.. what the heck IS he doing.
[Oct 29th, 2003 -- 12:45]

Iceplug:There are NET commandos, fighting for "user equality".
Iceplug:Then there is the commando button... I assume that it creates new commandos.
Iceplug:There is the list index commando who ships in I think with the Combo Box frigate
Iceplug:And then there's the good ol' commando prompt, where you can customize your troop. *smile*
[Oct 25th, 2003 -- 18:40]

MikeJ:The & is important because it tells it to continue on the next line.
robot313:Actually Mike, the underscore does that.
MikeJ:This is true, but I always use the & _ and I never get this error. It works both ways I believe.
robot313:Mike, trust me, I know what I'm talking about *wink* "&" is the concat. operator.
MikeJ:Yes... I believe you. I'm just saying, I've used it like that and it doesn't error... It probably is depricated like $ for string, but it does work.
robot313:No, you don't understand, it's not for continuing lines, it's for concatenating. the underscore continues lines.
MikeJ:... I'm just saying it won't error when you do it the way I said, but it isn't the right way...
Cracker_Jack:settle down you e-thugs ... dont wanna cause a ruckus over VB
robot313:Watch it Cracker Jack, I own this forum *smile*
Cracker_JacK:hey i meant that in a good way *big smile*
[Oct 25th, 2003 -- 2:31]

dynamic_sysop: Hi. Is anyone having trouble with their aviators?
Derek Stone:I am having trouble with my aviators. Too much alcohol consumption as of late...
Merrion: Well that's just plane crazy.
Heiko: Your puns are way over my head. I'm more of a "down to earth" guy.
dynamic_sysop: These jokes are bad. BTW I got it working as you may tell. Let's hope it's all PLANE sailing from now on.
Robby:Heiko, I'm glad your avatar is working, so now you can put us under your woowowwoowwwooo spell.
Derek Stone:If by "spell" you mean utterly annoying, then yes, "woowoo" it is.
Heiko:Robby: Sorry. I can't follow you. What spell? Me no native speaker. If you are saying the same as Derek then ... Derek: Better now?
VolteFace:Don't worry Heiko... I haven't the faintest idea what they're talking about either, and I *am* a native speaker. *hehe*
Robby: Hypnotic, hypnotize, mesmerize, to put under a spell. *smile*
[July 22th, 2003 -- 19:51]

Kim:(Spanish) Melissa, ¿Que haré durante la fin de semana?
[Melissa looks around confused for a bit, then confidently, but hesitantly, replies]
Melissa:(Spanish) Texas.
[Kim looks at Melissa in a concerned way]
Kim: No... I thought I asked you what you were going to do during the weekend, not where you going to go. You said Texas? That's a big state, gurl.
[Jun 25, 2003 -- 19:07]

Rezner: I've finally found a monitor for the new system I'm building.
Get your own here. I'm thinking about product# 210-55-22-DX the 10X22" 10 digital monitor package for $155,799. (Plus Shipping & Installation)
Ales Zigon: Man! Looking good! Imagine VBIDE on that thing...
Aquila: Imagine delphi... mmmmmm delphi.
GMan_NC: Only $155,799. Man I think I'll get 2 of them *smile*
Wamphyri: Admit it Rezner, you'd just end up playing Pong on it! *wink*
Machaira: Man, I'd love to hook my Xbox up to that!!! *big smile*
Iceplug: $155,799? That's a lot of money!
I'd be more inclined to hooking the computer up to rope and swinging it around a bit for a 3 Dimensional viewing experience.
... brings a new meaning to the term vbMaximized.
Rezner: LOL *chuckle*
I donno... having a monstorous monitor setup like that seems a little impractical to me. To avoid getting carpal tunnel from having to rotate your head side-to-side looking at the edges of the screen, you would have to sit several feet back with your keyboard and mouse. So, why not just buy one really good 19" monitor and sit closer to it? Or buy a plasma flat widescreen for about $20K?
Robby:Iceplug....LOL *eek*
PLASMA 60 inch......mmmmmmmm *smile*
[July 6th, 2003-- 9:14]

Thinker: Just to prove how sick my sense of color is, try 'Mustard'.
VolteFace: OH MY GOD!!!!!
lebb: Geez, Thinker -- now I'm gonna hafta call in sick to work tomorrow!!
Iceplug: Mustard looks all right, in a pre-anorexic kind of way.
Thinker: Maybe I should have named it 'AbsenceOfBlue'. It was in fact a reaction to all the Blue I have been up to my eyeballs in.
[May 25, 2003-- 16:58]

"cool, thanks for the help. one thing the NotPi variable is not declared. But I filled in 3.14 with it."
"Oops, NotPi is not Pi.  Use this declare"  [Jan. 25, 2003-- 14:30]