There's been a rash of 'how do I get my application to show up on top of every window' - annoying programs!

J2editor files from the hardest game ever. (Jumper Two)

The Spirit Engine - Solid auto-running RPG with a comparable difficulty level.
[51:13] <ThinkerVB>     o      o     o    o     o    <o     <o>    o>    o
[51:13] <ThinkerVB>    .|.    \|.   \|/   //    X     \      |    <|    <|>
[51:13] <ThinkerVB>     /\     >\   /<    >\   /<     >\    /<     >\   /<
[51:13] <ThinkerVB>  
[51:13] <ThinkerVB>                         HEY MACARENA!
" - in memory of the Thinker
This game that I made before doing Quadrill looks very similar. VB6
I have come to the conclusion that certain people see my posts and see something that looks like this:
and, thererefore, zero right into the code.
A lot of women are looking for this man. (mr is a modal rectangle, BTW)